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Herbal clinic


Hi I have been looking for homeopathy for sometime and I am glad I found a good clinic for taking care of my family health. The doctor is very experienced and good in his diagnosis. Thanks Dr Kumar!

Siva /India

Hi all, I am happy to have met Dr Kumar at Herbal Care clinic. I was diagnosed with renal stones and was scheduled for an operation at SGH to remove it. I was hesitant to go for the operation instead decided to try some means to get rid of the stones naturally. I found Herbal Care clinic online located at Little India Arcade, which is near my place. Dr Kumar was clear in his explanations and he went through my medical reports. He assured me that homeopathy medicine can help dissolve the stone and excrete it out in the urine. As he promised, just before my operation, the doctor tested me to get the exact picture of the renal stone but to our surprise, we did not find any stones in the results! The stone just disappeared! Great doctor.

Mr Tan/ Singapore

My boy has very sensitive skin and he gets rashes very often when he goes outdoors. I tried many creams to prevent the rashes. I happened to hear from friend about this Herbal Clinic at Little India Arcade. I took my boy down and Dr Kumar was kind and gave some easy to take pills. My boy likes to take his medicine as they taste sweet. Within 2 weeks of treatment, I saw remarkable improvements in his skin conditions. My boy was not getting the usual rashes and his long time rash marks were gone. I am happy I gave homeopathy a try. My boy now enjoys his outdoor activities without the annoying rashes. Thanks to Dr Kumar and his team.

Sanya/ Singapore

“I was hesitant to try alternative medicine be it Chinese herbal medicine or homeopathy. But when I came across an article about how alternative medicine has helped people, I gave it a go. I found Herbal Care homeopathy clinic online and consulted Dr Kumar with my wife. We were having difficulties conceiving. My sperm count is low and many are not of good quality that is required for conceiving. I only 28 years old and I was very disappointed when main stream medical treatments failed. I love children and my relationship with my wife was getting affected due to this condition of mine. Dr Kumar was through in his medical examinations and explained all the questions we had patiently. Within 3 weeks on his medications, I noticed change in seminal fluid. And in the next 2 months I found remarkable improvement in my clinical reports. Now I am still on his medication and hoping to have a child soon. I believe one can really trust homeopathy as it is not going to give any side effects, but only positive signs of improvement”.

Shyam Anand / India

Due to my sedentary and long hours of work, I was having difficulties clearing my bowels. But I just neglected this and continued with my current work habits and very soon I was having blood when I pass motion and my bowels are cleared only once in a while. I got concerned. I visited a GP and found that due to my neglect, I was having piles, which causes rectal bleeding. Initially I was initially having painless bleeding when I pass motion and soon I experienced a lot of pain and swelling. The GP medication was not working, my condition worsened. I heard from radio about homeopathy/ herbal medicine and Dr Kumaravel. I gave it a try and within 2 weeks of treatment my swelling was gone. My pain was also reduced and soon my piles symptoms disappeared. Its now a month of taking homeopathy, I am now able to clear my bowels daily and not having blood in my motion. Homeopathy really works. Guys out there can give it a try. The doctor is very experienced and his charges are reasonable.

Prabhu/ India

Hi I got to know Dr Kumar through my friend who benefited from his treatments. I was having severe menstrual pains and irregularities in my cycles. Before I came to him, I was newly married and trying for a baby but was unsuccessful. I just could not understand why I had difficulty in conceiving. But after taking medicine from this doctor, within a short period, my cycles become normal and my severe pain disappeared. The surprising thing is I found myself pregnant in the next month! I am sooo thankful to Dr Kumar for his great help.

Susan/ Singapore

Hi I am happy to have found Dr Kumar who has helped my son to recover completely from asthma. His staff also advised me on some simple breathing exercises and the kind of food to give my son. I have tried various treatments, esp when my son has to rely too much on his puffs, I was so concerned for his future. He was not very active in his school and was starting to feel inferior as he could not be doing all the activities like his friends. I was desperately searching for some alternative medicine/ treatments that are safe. I read a lot about homeopathy and found Herbal Care Homeopathic clinic online. My efforts paid off! I would strongly recommend those out there with asthma to give this doctor a try as he is very through in his consultations and helps one to understand the health condition before prescribing medicine and esp the additional free advise. It truly helped. Good luck.

KH/ Singapore

My girl is 7 years old and having regular asthma attacks and very dry skin. She was having these aliments as a baby. I have tried many types of medical treatments but they did not really help her. I heard from my friend about homeopathy and its long term benefits. I gave it a try at Herbal Care homeopathic clinic. Dr Kumar and his staffs were very kind and helpful. Besides prescribing medicine, the staff also advised me on food intake and some exercises for my girl. The medication was easy to take and did not give any side effects. I can see a lot of improvements in my girl now.

Just within two weeks of medication, my girl’s skin started responding to it positively. Mainly her recurrence of asthmatic attacks has reduced. She is less dependent on the inhalers. Now she enjoys her school physical activities and her confidence is also improving. I am very thankful to Dr. Kumar for all the help. Now I am turning into a homeopathy enthusiast and recommend my friends to him.

Anne Watson/UK




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